Atrocity: Book One of the Galman Tader Trilogy

Epic new Science Fiction.

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The science station Tenjin is pulled into the first man-made wormhole, but what appears an instant later, half way across the galaxy-spanning Human Jurisdiction, has experienced ten thousand years outside of time and space. As the Tenjin declares war on Humanity, it soon becomes obvious nothing aboard the unrecognisable station has been human for millennia.

The Satumine are a beaten and subjugated race. Humiliated and exploited by mankind, they dream of freedom or rebellion. Indin-Indin, siding with the Godlike captain of the Tenjin, dreams of genocide and the restoration of his people from the ashes of a burning Human Jurisdiction.

Expelled from the Diaclom Constabulary, Galman Tader breaks federal migration laws to leave his neglected colony and follow a trail of Satumine money to Pellitoe, determined to make someone pay for crimes everyone else is content to forget. What he discovers on that liberal and Satumine loving world leads him to the heart of the Tenjin’s war against mankind.

Atrocity is the first novel set in L.B.Speller’s unique Human Jurisdiction universe.