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Atrocity: Book One of the Galman Tader Trilogy

Atrocity: Book One of the Galman Tader Trilogy

Epic new Science Fiction.

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The science station Tenjin is pulled into the first man-made wormhole, but what appears an instant later, half way across the galaxy-spanning Human Jurisdiction, has experienced ten thousand years outside of time and space. As the Tenjin declares war on Humanity, it soon becomes obvious nothing aboard the unrecognisable station has been human for millennia.

The Satumine are a beaten and subjugated race. Humiliated and exploited by mankind, they dream of freedom or rebellion. Indin-Indin, siding with the Godlike captain of the Tenjin, dreams of genocide and the restoration of his people from the ashes of a burning Human Jurisdiction.

Expelled from the Diaclom Constabulary, Galman Tader breaks federal migration laws to leave his neglected colony and follow a trail of Satumine money to Pellitoe, determined to make someone pay for crimes everyone else is content to forget. What he discovers on that liberal and Satumine loving world leads him to the heart of the Tenjin’s war against mankind.

Atrocity is the first novel set in L.B.Speller’s unique Human Jurisdiction universe.

Atavism: Book Two of the Galman Tader Trilogy

Atavism: Book Two of the Galman Tader Trilogy

The sequel to Atrocity

Available as Ebook or paperback from or

Ebook FREE on Kindle Unlimited

It has been twenty six years since Galman Tader destroyed his own world to stop the Tenjin and the narcissistic dreams of its captain. Now a Justiciar of the Human Jurisdiction, he is sent to the isolated world of Enguine to discover why the only planet ever to cede from the Jurisdiction has chosen now to once more activate its pointspace comms.

Within the Fertile Belt, the pointspace entity lives through Indin-Indin, possessing the body of the only Ancient Satumine left in the galaxy. Declaring total war on the Jurisdiction, he demands the only survivor of the Tenjin be handed over, to teach him the secrets of Atavism that he might restore the entire Satumine race to their ancient glory

The sequel to Atrocity, Atavism continues the epic story of Galman Tader, Endella Mariacroten, and Tumble in their battle to resist the pointspace entity – a battle which must see them fight the very Jurisdiction they had sworn to protect.

Slow Hell

Slow Hell

Disturbing and original Horror

Available as Ebook or paperback from and

Ebook FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Armageddon comes and Hell begins to consume the world of man. But life must go on: taxes are paid, the Demons get an embassy and for some there is profit to be made from a world crying out for protection.
This is not the end of the world – it is just something else for big business to exploit. There are few evils, after all, that Hell can teach the dark heart of mankind that it does not already know.
Slow Hell is a collection of 14 disturbing stories chronicling the months and years after the Pit comes to our world.


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